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March E-Green Tips

March 4th:

Let’s start the month with some good news! Much of the plastic that ends up in our oceans is from those nasty rings that hold soda and beer cans. Saltwater Brewery in Florida has created a six-pack ring that FEEDS animals instead of killing them. They take barley and wheat left-overs from the brewing process and turned them into an edible, compostable, biodegradable product that holds together a six-pack but doesn’t harm birds or sea life if it ends up in the ocean. We can help as well by encouraging other breweries to stop using Earth-unfriendly plastic rings. For a short, very informative video go to

March 11th:

This time of year we look forward to Spring, when we can fling open our windows to bring fresh air into homes which have been closed up against the chill of winter. Since the weather is still too inclement to do that, we may be tempted to use chemical air fresheners which can be harmful to the indoor and outdoor environment. Consider instead using houseplants--depending on the species, one plant can provide effective cleaning for every 100 square feet of space. Google “houseplants for indoor air quality” for details. One caveat: before bringing plants into your home, check to be sure your chosen species is not harmful to your pets.

March 18th:

This year’s theme for World Water Day is “Nature for Water”, exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century. Wherever you are and whatever you do on Thursday, March 22nd, give some thought to learning more about how each of us can help alleviate threats to our vital and endangered fresh water supply. Good place to start: offers a great learning experience on how nature protects our global water resources. If you scroll down this page to “Drowning in Pollution” you’ll learn about one of the greatest causes of water shortage.

March 25th:

Here’s a tip for your health and Mother Nature’s as well: "If You Can't Pronounce It, Wouldn’t Eat It, Or Don't Know What It Is--Don't Buy It!" We’re talking here about skin products. Many of the chemicals that are used for body care products have been shown to cause chronic illness, even cancer. And of course, when we wash these products off, guess where the chemicals go? Yep, down the drain to contaminate our lakes, rivers, and oceans.

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