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Green Living On Behalf of Earth


Lakeshore Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Climate Activists




 We envision a world in which reverence, gratitude, sustainable living, and care for the Earth are central to the lives of all people. 




  • To inspire, facilitate, and support personal and congregational practices that honor and sustain the Earth and all beings.

  • To promote awareness of climate change and how it will affect our lives and those of our descendants.

  • To plan and coordinate activities at our Fellowship and in the community including:

    • Ecological awareness of LUUF members and friends

    • Sustainable living practices

    • Climate change preparedness education

    • Climate change activism


Actions We Have Taken to Follow Our Mission


  • The Globe Committee  formed a coalition with the League of Women Voters and Grace Congregational UCC to build on the successful Earth Care Festival in the spring of 2019 with the goal of enhancing Climate Change awareness through education and action in 2020.

  • Participated in the People’s Climate March and other climate awareness marches throughout Manitowoc County and North East Wisconsin.

  • Obtained petition signatures on destructive mining practices, providing educational materials to participants.

  • Community Card Signing event at the Manitowoc Public Library.  Cards were then forwarded to Wisconsin Senators, asking for environmentally beneficial action regarding destructive mining practices.

  • Created a community poster project "Wishes for the World", games engaging children (fishing and BINGO) and display boards to participate in Earth Day events in Manitowoc County. 

  • Created "Plastics a Global Pandemic" awareness and display board, used at the Manitowoc Farmers Market. Inviting community discussion on plastics in our community and introducing resources available to slow the use of plastic grocery and produce bags.

  • Participated and helped organize "Climate Cares" Manitowoc County climate awareness group, working in Manitowoc County to bring climate science awareness, through events, press releases and information sharing.

  • Designed and distributed a brochure to the Fellowship and to participants at local events.

  • Implemented Blogs and Newsletter articles surrounding “Climate Conversations’, “Green Tips” and facilitated invited guest writers and bloggers for our ongoing efforts with climate awareness for our social media and website pages. 





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