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Theologically, LUUF Lay Ministers are as diverse as Unitarian Universalism among our
Lay Ministry you will find a variety of spiritual perspectives and beliefs about the sacred.

LUUF Lay Minsters are committed to serving all Fellowship members and friends, with the
utmost of compassion and discretion.  If you’re in need of a good listener, connection,
support and/or resources inside, or outside our Fellowship, in times of illness, or
another of life’s challenges, or to officiate at dedications, weddings, or funerals,
please don’t hesitate to contact either of the following LUUF Lay Ministers:




Jim Hollahan

Linda Hunter

jim hollahan.jpg


Consistent with our principles, the Fellowship is organized democratically. The congregation, by majority vote, has final authority for running the Fellowship, including policies for operation, the raising and allocation of funds, and the selection of ministers.

The Governing Board articulates the Fellowship’s vision through its governing policies and monitors the work of the LUUF Committees. 

Board meetings are open to all. We encourage members and friends to attend and participate. Meeting date and time is provided in the monthly newsletter. Minutes of our Board meetings are available for review upon request.  Please contact a member of the Board for more information.  LUUF's cuurent Board members are:

      President:         Sandy Bast

      Co-President:    Dick Urban

      Treasurer:         Kathie Fishbeck

      Secretary:         Melody Hanson

      Members at Large:

                              Linda Wenzel

                              Albert Sears

                              Mary Dean

                              Sharon Tittle







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