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The UUA theme for October is “Celebrating Relationships".



October 3, 2021

“Celebrating the Five Natural Senses”

Jim Neilson


The UUA theme for October is “Celebrating Relationships.”  On Sunday October 3rd James Neilson, Assistant Professor of Art at Saint Norbert College, will be our speaker..  His presentation will explore our relationships with nature.  " Celebrating the Five Natural Senses: " A visual exploration of how the senses contribute to a richer and more wondrous awareness of all the beauty in the world, inclining us to become "guardians of nature", "earth-ecstatics" and "star-gazers".


Jim  Neilson is an Assistant Professor of Art at St. Norbert College and a long time friend of the Lakeshore UU Fellowship.   He is an innovative and engaging speaker. His knowledge of Art and his presentations always challenges us and encourages us to think differently, giving us new perspectives on our spiritual path.





October 10, 2021

 "Why You Should Not Be a Unitarian Universalist”

Rev. Tony Larsen


 About his sermon, Tony says: "In explaining our UU faith to others, we tend to think of reasons why people might want to join a congregation like ours. But the reasons why not to join can be instructive too. (Philosophy teaches us that we can sometimes learn a great deal about something by examining what it isn't.) If you have friends or acquaintances who you think might like to know more about our religion (or just know more about you!), invite them to attend this service. They may not decide to become UUs--but at least they'll know why!  And you yourself may end up knowing a little more too.  P.S. Although it may not sound like it, this sermon does fit Lakeshore UU Fellowship's October theme of 'Cultivating Relationship'!"


Rev. Tony Larsen is a retired UUA Minister and a long time friend of the Lakeshore UU Fellowship.

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 Sunday, October 17, 2021


 Rev. Karon Sandberg


It’s a challenge to be with our loved ones when they are facing difficulties.  We immediately begin to try and find solutions and offer advice.  In our own discomfort, it feels good for us to do something.   But often this is the last thing our loved ones need.  As we look at cultivating relationships this month, empathy invites us to sit beside them and just be present,  Empathy is when we can love them, hear them and stay with them in difficult times.  Truthfully this is one of the hardest aspects of loving but if we can learn how to offer empathy we can strengthen and deepen our relationships with one another.   Reading:   Empathy video with Dr. Brene Brown


Rev. Karon Sandberg is a retired hospice chaplain.  She was honored to walk along side her patients in their final days and felt her patients taught her valuable lessons about living and dying well.  She speaks monthly at UU congregations around NE Wisconsin and in Savannah, GA where she and her partner, Joel, like to escape in the winters.  She also serves Fox Valley UU Fellowship as an affiliated Community Minister.  She is currently working on a book that shares the lessons she learned from her patients and how they helped her to heal relationships in her own life. 



October 24, 2021

 "Where Have All the Endorphins Gone?"

 Carrie Arnold


It's time to laugh again. Covid has stolen and continues to steal not only our physical well-being, but our mental health as well.  While we're still advised to be cautious about sharing physical contact like hugs, which are huge sources of happiness hormones, it's no laughing matter to realize how beneficial the endorphins released by humor and laughter can be to our physical and mental health.  So let's get together and share some laughter!  Bring your funny stories and memories to share!


Carrie Arnold is a retired prison chaplain who has founded a home church and has been one of our regular, much appreciated speakers over the last few years.



October 31, 2021 -

"Remembering the Saints"


Among the annual celebrations at the LUUF is the celebration of the lives of those members of our community and other loved ones who have passed away and left us with wonderful memories.  During this service, we will share with one another the lives of these individuals.