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January 2021 Services


January 10
“White Fragility”
Sarah Urban


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This discussion will introduce the concept of "White Fragility" and provide an opportunity to briefly explore Robin DiAngelo's book, which addresses the difficulties and triggers that white people can experience when thinking and talking about racism.  Her 2018 work examines white supremacy in the context of it being a structure of overarching political, economic, and social systems that together work to ensure that some racial groups continue to exert power and control over others.  We will have the opportunity to reflect on how these concepts intersect with the 2nd Principle and both the individual and collective responsibilities we have to address the racial inequities that exist within our communities.


Sarah is the daughter of Dick and Mary JO, and she’s a School Psychologist at Madison Metropolitan School District.



(Joint  Service)

January 17 “Imagining Justice”
The Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom   


In 1963, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. used his moral imagination to tell the world about his dream when children would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Moral imagination combines ethics with possibility. What alternatives can we imagine to injustice? How can we use our imagination to create a better way of being together? Join us for this Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday worship service in which we explore using empathy and moral imagination to build a better world together.


Rev. Jennifer is a national leader in Unitarian Universalism and beyond on issues of peace, climate justice, and racial justice. She cares deeply about the world and the people in it and sees Unitarian Universalism as a tool to build the Beloved Community. She is co-editor of a book on environmental justice and Unitarian Universalism, which was published in 2017.




January 24
“Power and Responsibility”
Rev. Lex Cady-White


Powers is a part of every relationship from all parties. We can use it in a variety of ways for bad or for good. The measure of our character is in how we wield that power and acknowledge our responsibility to ourselves and each other.


Lex is a chaplain at a hospital in Milwaukee and she’s pursuing a degree in nursing.  She lives in Sheboygan with her partner, Kitty.

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