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In honor of World Water Day which was Thursday, March 22nd , here are some astounding facts related to the industry that bears the largest responsibility for over-consumption of Earth’s fresh water supplies.

According to Internet sources, animal agriculture accounts for approximately 30% of global humanity’s freshwater footprint. Thirty Per Cent

Water “footprint” is measured by the combined impact of producing fodder, raising/slaughtering, and food production, especially beef and dairy).

In the United States alone, animal agriculture water consumption ranges from 36-74 trillion gallons of water each year, compared with fracking which uses about 70-140 billion gallons annually!

GLOBE would like to share with you some actions that can greatly help in eventual mitigation of climate change impacts—particularly global water shortages.

  • Make adjustments to how we eat. We don’t have to be vegetarians, simply reduce the amount and frequency by eating less animal products--particularly beef and dairy--and more wholesome plant foods.

  • Beginning with city government, we can work with decision-makers on all levels to encourage expansion of access to food options that are good for our health and climate-friendly, such as promoting locally grown food through farmer’s markets, and revamping school lunch programs.

For more help on getting started, here are some online information sources:

  • Google: the Guardian article “Animal Agriculture is Choking the Earth”

Keep in mind: In the same breath that we discuss fossil fuels, we should be talking about animal agriculture, or we’re missing a big part of the problem – and a big part of the solution.

Your G.L.O.B.E. Committee wishes you

Good and Smart Eating for Your Health and Planet Earth’s!

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