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Green Tips

This month we’ll look for ways to celebrate Earth Day (April 22) in your home and garden. Reduce paper use by using rags instead of paper towels and cloth napkins instead of paper ones. Buy post-consumer recycled paper goods whenever possible. Spring is an ideal time to pay attention to your compost bin or pile, or to start one! Warmer weather allows the contents in the bin to break down more easily. More info in next week’s Green Tips, or go to

When cleaning, use water-based or vegetable-based products. If you must use caustic or toxic paint thinners, household cleaners, pesticides*, or oil, avoid washing them down the drain or pouring them on the ground. Use them up, give leftovers to friends or a charity, or dispose at Manitowoc’s Clean Sweep 2017. Google “hazardous waste clean sweep manitowoc 2017” for times, location and acceptable materials. *Ask your GLOBE Committee for “green” alternatives to harmful pesticide toxins!

Replace disposable goods with renewable ones. Buy rechargeable batteries and re-usable drinking water bottles. Use dishes instead of paper plates at home. Eating out: handle leftovers by bringing your own containers from home. Styrofoam, fast-food containers and wrappers account for a large portion of landfill contents.

Plant for the planet. Strengthen your garden's resistance to pests by using resilient plants, rotating the fruits and vegetables you plant, and attracting friendly bugs to prey on the pesky ones. Also there are now many alternatives to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Google “the safe lawns pledge”, or go to “”.

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