GLOBE - Green Living On Behalf of the Earth ~ Working for a sustainable future.

On January 7, 2017: 5 members of our Committee gathered for a 4-hour meeting at the beautiful Bridge Between Retreat Center near Denmark, WI, for the purpose of planning GLOBE actions and projects for 2017. T. Heather Herdman, Executive Director of the Center, did an excellent job of seeing that we were comfortable in the Granary pictures below, and we were very well fed!

Jean Biegun, Suzanne Zipperer, Erica Strauss, Bonnita Budysz and Judi Northern, pictured below, at the Bridge Between Retreat Center.

Our Planning program covered 4 major categories:

  • Outreach/Networking,

  • Sustainable Eating/Organic Food Growing,

  • Legislative Action, and

  • Native Plant/Wildlife Habitat Restoration.

Under each category were a number of sub-headings consisting of specific projects or actions we consider important for 2017 including:


  • Meet with the Mayor regarding how to improve Manitowoc’s sustainability practices (took place February 2nd —exchange of information continues between Mayor Nickels and Judi Northen, GLOBE Chair.)

  • Raise awareness in Manitowoc business and residential areas of the risks of, and alternatives to, commercial toxic chemical lawn and garden pesticides. (beginning in Spring 2017)

  • Help organize, facilitate, promote, and participate in events for environmental causes such as marches, rallies, and educational happenings. (so far Earth Day event plans are developing for April 22nd and 29th and GLOBE may join a nearby 4th of July parade)