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GLOBE "Green Tip" - Feb. 2017

Littering hurts the environment and has even been known to cause traffic accidents. It endangers wildlife that try to swallow it; they can also become entangled. Decomposing litter can contaminate waterways. Please respect our Mother: avoid littering, recycle whatever you can, and pick up litter when you see it.

Buy locally produced products - not only is it good for the local economy, it will save energy because products haven't traveled across the globe to get to you, so it’s good for the Earth as well. And when it comes to food, buy from local farmers at farm markets, join a food co-op, take advantage of community gardens, or consider growing at least some of your own.

Eco-safe products can be used instead of those containing harsh chemicals or ingredients harmful to the environment. For example, use castor or mineral oils as lubricants in place of those containing solvents. Lemon is effective against most household bacteria. Borax cleans, disinfects, and softens water. Search online for more – one recommended website is

Some tea producers are switching to greener production methods. If you have a favorite brand of tea, visit their company website to find out what environmental efforts they are making. Also remember: used tea leaves (bagged or loose) can be added to your compost.

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