May 17, 2020 

“A New Flower Ceremony”
Mary Jo Urban & Ginny Finnel


Since our being able to share physical flowers doesn’t seem possible, let’s try sharing them virtually!  Mary Jo Urban is helping us with one of our annual ceremonies for a time of social distancing.  It will still have the same meaning, but with a new garment.

May 3,  2020
"You Can Only Get Here from There"
Rev. Tony Larsen

"You Can Only Get Here from There" Rev. Tony Larsen You know that old expression, "You can't get there from here"? Well, Tony's sermon this Sunday will suggest that maybe you can't even get HERE from here. That is, it is necessary to journey somewhere else before you can know where you already were. Tony is a retired UU minister, retired from Olympia Brown UU congregation, who now is part time at Mequon UU. We’re glad he’s saved time for us!

APRIL 19 2020

"Bringing Earth Day Home"

Jim Knicklebine  

" This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day.  As we mark that anniversary, we can honor the Earth by making our personal places more friendly for our fellow creatures.  This presentation explores ways we can do that."

Jim is the director of our local environmental center.

MARCH 29 2020
We shared this Sermon by Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray  during our March 29  Zoom Sunday Service, due to tecnical difficulties  of our planned speaker.  

We will have Anthony Busalacci at a service later this summer, or fall. 

APRIL 26 2020
"Angels Who Have Forgotten"
Rev Tony Larson

"Angels Who Have Forgotten" Rev Tony Larson About his sermon, Tony says: "I once came upon an article by someone who almost died in a hospital but who, through the help of friends who came to visit, pulled through. She came to feel that each gesture they made for her was almost miraculous, but she also knew that they didn't see what they did as anything special. They couldn't see what a gift they had given. She concluded that it was 'as if they were angels who had forgotten.' "I was struck by this expression and immediately thought: What an interesting way to see the people who have nurtured us--as heavenly beings, who give without knowing how miraculous and divine they really are. I also realized, from what I had learned while working with Lakeshore UU Fellowship, that this UU congregation is--to a great extent--an example of 'angels who have forgotten.' Thus this topic seemed perfect for my service with you on the 26th."
Tony is a retired UU minister.

APRIL 12 2020
“Resurrection As Symbol”
Rev. Phil Sweet


As a literal belief the doctrine of the resurrection of the body is to me the most implausible of all the major Christian doctrines. The belief undermines the senses, undermines science, personal judgment and is terribly damaging to the intellectual integrity of religion. The story of the resurrection stands as a testimony to the irrepressible optimism of the human spirit. It points to self-affirmation of the power of life to continue to find meaning in the midst of death and tragedy, the eternal yes to hold the bible accountable to life. Phil is a regular speaker for us. He’s a retired UCC minister.

MARCH 22, 2020
"Come light my way: Spirituality from the bookshelves" Carrie Arnold

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