Some of our weekly services will be shared with other UU Congregations.  If you don't see a Sunday service, we may not have presented out own service and joined with other UU's from around the state.  

We apologize for missing some of the service recordings, we had some technical difficulties with recording.  We'll try to do better. We're still learning the in's and out's of Zoom and recording.  

August 16

“Changing Bird Populations 
For Better or for Worse”

Chuck Sontag

“Birds have been a large part of my life since early childhood. On the advice of a friend that I have shared this interest, we will explore/discuss some of the changes in bird populations.  To help illustrate these changes, we will use several species of birds to compliment the story. Questions from the members will be a welcome part of the presentation.” 

Chuck is the man beside the blue rail down at the lake who knows the answer to all of your questions.  In fact, you might note the sign when you go out to the impoundment with his name on it. He’s written the Manitowoc part of the Wisconsin’s Favorite Bird Haunts. That was my primary source for birding when we moved to Manitowoc.

August 9  
“A Unitarian Universalist Journey From Detroit to England with a few stops
in between.”


Gail Slaughter

“Storytelling is incredibly important to us as humans. Experiencing and telling our own individual stories can powerfully shape the kinds of big world and broad cultural stories we explore in our own search for truth and meaning.  

I will share my own personal journey from a teenage youngster in Detroit in the mid-70’s, to a 60+ youngster working for the US military overseas.  

As an (almost) life-long UU, my UU values have helped to shape how I have viewed life and my experiences.”

Gail was the first president of the fellowship.                   

July  26, 2020
        Healing Sing & Sting a long
Allan, Bev, Shelly, Steve, Linda, Kathie, Carolyn, Jim, & Mike.

A healing and joy filled community Zoom Gathering with songs, chants, and words of hope during these difficult days of uncertainty and change. We send healing music out to ourselves and into the World, as we laugh and sing and experiment with community sing-a-longs on Zoom.

Presented by our LUUF newly formed group the “Park Street Sing & String-A-Long".

Service Guide, with Lyrics of the songs are available here for anyone who wants to sing along 

July  19, 202

“The Joy of Their Holiness“ 
Peggy Turnbull 

Peggy Turnbull was born in Manitowoc and was educated in its public schools. After graduating from Lincoln High, she attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she received a B.A. in anthropology. She earned her M.L.I.S. at the University of Texas at Austin, then moved to southern West Virginia to work in academic libraries. Throughout her years away from home, she identified with the world of poets and writers, but it wasn't until she returned to the lakeshore to work at UW-Manitowoc that she became aware of poetry as a personal calling.  She was inspired by Dr. Jessica Van Slooten, who organized poetry readings at the library; Jean Biegun, who provided Peggy with opportunities to share her writing publicly; and Tom Montag, her poetry teacher at The Mill: A Place for Writers. She will read from The Joy of Their Holiness, her first chapbook, which is forthcoming in September from Kelsay Publishing. Her themes include those of reverence, place, and family. She won The Mill prize in 2019 and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.                                

July 12
The Lake Science: The Coloring Book 
With Ted Rulseh


It’s a simple way to understand what makes a lake tick – the physical, chemical and biological processes that drive the ecosystem. Colorful graphics help make the concepts easy to understand. This presentation aligns with our seventh UU principle. Ted is a former member of LUUF. He always brings interesting perspectives.

June 7

Lessons from Our Regional Assembly: What is the Real Business of the Board

June 21 Sunday Service

 Lakeshore UU Fellowship annual meeting, and journey to Covenant. With Erica Strauss, LUUF Board president. S

May 24, 2020 Vulnerability - Arthur Thexton

May 24, 2020


Arthur Thexton


May 17, 2020 

“A New Flower Ceremony”
Mary Jo Urban & Ginny Finnel


Since our being able to share physical flowers doesn’t seem possible, let’s try sharing them virtually!  Mary Jo Urban is helping us with one of our annual ceremonies for a time of social distancing.  It will still have the same meaning, but with a new garment.

May 3,  2020
"You Can Only Get Here from There"
Rev. Tony Larsen

"You Can Only Get Here from There" Rev. Tony Larsen You know that old expression, "You can't get there from here"? Well, Tony's sermon this Sunday will suggest that maybe you can't even get HERE from here. That is, it is necessary to journey somewhere else before you can know where you already were. Tony is a retired UU minister, retired from Olympia Brown UU congregation, who now is part time at Mequon UU. We’re glad he’s saved time for us!

APRIL 19 2020

"Bringing Earth Day Home"

Jim Knicklebine  

" This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day.  As we mark that anniversary, we can honor the Earth by making our personal places more friendly for our fellow creatures.  This presentation explores ways we can do that."

Jim is the director of our local environmental center.

MARCH 29 2020
We shared this Sermon by Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray  during our March 29  Zoom Sunday Service, due to tecnical difficulties  of our planned speaker.  

We will have Anthony Busalacci at a service later this summer, or fall. 

APRIL 26 2020
"Angels Who Have Forgotten"
Rev Tony Larson

"Angels Who Have Forgotten" Rev Tony Larson About his sermon, Tony says: "I once came upon an article by someone who almost died in a hospital but who, through the help of friends who came to visit, pulled through. She came to feel that each gesture they made for her was almost miraculous, but she also knew that they didn't see what they did as anything special. They couldn't see what a gift they had given. She concluded that it was 'as if they were angels who had forgotten.' "I was struck by this expression and immediately thought: What an interesting way to see the people who have nurtured us--as heavenly beings, who give without knowing how miraculous and divine they really are. I also realized, from what I had learned while working with Lakeshore UU Fellowship, that this UU congregation is--to a great extent--an example of 'angels who have forgotten.' Thus this topic seemed perfect for my service with you on the 26th."
Tony is a retired UU minister.

APRIL 12 2020
“Resurrection As Symbol”
Rev. Phil Sweet


As a literal belief the doctrine of the resurrection of the body is to me the most implausible of all the major Christian doctrines. The belief undermines the senses, undermines science, personal judgment and is terribly damaging to the intellectual integrity of religion. The story of the resurrection stands as a testimony to the irrepressible optimism of the human spirit. It points to self-affirmation of the power of life to continue to find meaning in the midst of death and tragedy, the eternal yes to hold the bible accountable to life. Phil is a regular speaker for us. He’s a retired UCC minister.

MARCH 22, 2020
"Come light my way: Spirituality from the bookshelves" Carrie Arnold

September 13, 2020

Annual Water Communion
Mary Jo Urban & Ginny Finnel

At the beginning of each program year in September, we gather in a single service for all ages and share a much-appreciated UU tradition that honors the diversity of experiences we have enjoyed in the preceding summer months. Each congregant who chooses to participate brings a bit of water to this service as a symbol of their summer journey and experiences. These small amounts of water are poured together into a single bowl, symbolizing the beautiful and abundant ways our lives are intertwined. The sharing is always both meaningful and fun. This year due to ongoing social distancing we presented our water communion virtually. We could not bring water, but we could share pictures and words. A beautiful and memorable virtual service. Thanks to all who participated and shared, presented and organized this wonderful service.

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