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Multi-generational worship is designed to engage all ages—from babies to elders, in a shared experience of spiritual growth.

For our youngest, activity bags, full of fun and entertaining things to do during service will be provided.  Rocking chairs to sooth, or quiet space to calm.  Your children are welcome into our beloved community.

Please join us for Sunday Service,

all ages, all are welcome.

Are you looking for a Spiritual Home where

  • Everyone is Welcome

  • Spiritual Growth is Encouraged

  • The Interdependent Web of Life is Respected

  • All Beliefs are Taught and Celebrated


If so, you have found the right place!

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    As a welcoming and accepting, diverse

and inquiring spiritual fellowship,

     We unite to create a community which stimulates a free exchange and

     Exploration of ideas, foster spiritual and intellectual growth, and

     serves as a base for active outreach to benefit the world around us.


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