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Green Tips

  • As Jim Knickelbine of Woodland Dunes says: When you help the birds, you benefit the ecosystem. That’s part of our 7th principle: the interdependent web of all existence. Why not make your neighborhood an inviting sanctuary for birds? Build or buy a birdhouse and install it out of reach of cats, squirrels, and other predators; also consider planting native wildflowers, shrubs and sunflowers to provide natural food for birds.

  • Tips for Green boating: Dispose of old fishing line properly. Lost line can be lethal to fish, sea turtles, birds and other marine animals. Secure trash bags to a fixture on the boat so that they are not accidentally washed overboard, and make sure all trash finds its way to the bags for proper disposal on land.

  • For “Green” Lawns: (1) Leave grass clippings on the lawn to provide a natural (and free) source of nutrients, or compost the clippings for use in your garden. (2) If you prefer to use a lawn care company, seek out one that uses eco-friendly management practices as opposed to heavy chemical treatments. Bonus: See the Green Tips in next Sunday’s Order of Service for an even better alternative that will save labor and money!

  • Maintaining a lawn can be labor and water intensive. Why not opt for a yard that's grass free? Ask your local nursery for suggested ground covers that can tolerate our local climate conditions. Or Google “Yardening with plants” for more information on these super Earth-friendly alternatives.

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